Benefits of Membership

Enjoy the benefits below when applying to be a member of Umhlanga Tourism.

  • Regulation

    Complying with the KZNTA Amendment Act, 2002

  • Brochure Distribution

    Brochures to be distributed at all Durban Tourism/Umhlanga Tourism Information Offices

  • Advertising

    Advertising Opportunities in Umhlanga Tourism brochures

  • Website

    • Members listing on the Umhlanga Tourism's website
    • Direct link from the Umhlanga Tourism website to your site
  • Networking

    Networking with other members at the Durban/Umhlanga Tourism meetings & functions

  • Information

    • Receive email updates
    • Receive Durban/Umhlanga Tourism News letter
  • Accreditation

    Receive an Accreditation Certificate

Annual Membership Fee Structure

June to July
Mandatory membership applies to: Categories A-E
Optional Membership for Categories F-G

Category A

Bed and Breakfasts, Guest Houses and Lodges

R 530.00 + R 55.00 per bedroom per annum

Category B

Self-Catering apartments and rented holiday homes.

R 530.00 + R 55.00 per bedroom per annum

Category C

Hotels and Timeshare Resorts

R 630.00 + R 45.00 per bed room per annum

Category E

Tourism Service Providers

Car Hire, Tour Operators, Travel Agents, Restaurants, Tourist Attractions, Letting Agents

R 850.00 per annum

Category D

Online Booking Agents

R5000.00 per annum

Category F

Indirect Tourism Related businesses

Doctors, lawyers, dentists, therapists, shops, beauty parlours, garages, private companies, country clubs

R 550.00 per annum

Category G

Shopping Centres

R 1100.00 per annum

Become a Member

Complete the application below and we will be in touch regarding your membership to Umhlanga Tourism.